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04 Oct: Equity at the Intersection: Why JBRF’s Focus on Race and Geography Matters

Recognizing the role of community identity, data, and intersectionality in our philanthropic pursuits at JBRF.

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18 Sep: How JBRF Navigates Biases in Grantmaking

Our trust-based philanthropic approach helps us overcome biases we encounter in our grantmaking process.

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07 Aug: The Future of BWTEotR: Welcoming Nakeisha Neal Jones, the new ED

JBRF is proud to welcome Nakeisha Neal Jones as the inaugural executive director for Black Women Thriving East of the River.

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25 Jul: A Blueprint for Change: Empowering Community Members to Drive Solutions

In November of 2019, we launched a new initiative rooted in the trust-based philanthropy model to authentically engage, empower, and center the voices and needs of the community. For JBRF, those happened to be the Black women residing in Wards 7 and 8 in Washington, D.C.

Women wearing business casual attire stand in a circle with their arms reaching toward the middle of the circle. Only the arms and hands are visible, and they represent varying skin tones. Hands meet and stack on top one another at the center.
19 Jul: What Does Trust-Based Philanthropy Look Like?

At the Jane Bancroft Robinson Foundation (JBRF), we champion change from the ground up by working with community members to identify their most pressing needs.

Five women are seated side-by-side along a table with papers, pens, and coffee cups scattered. Centered is a Black woman who is speaking, while the other women are attentively listening.
17 May: Shifting Priorities to Address Inequities: JBRF’s Commitment to Black Women’s Health and Economic Opportunities

In line with its founding mission to care for D.C. residents, the Jane Bancroft Robinson Foundation (JBRF) began its work…